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Consulting versus micro-ISV development

Reflexions on the software business really is an interesting read. Let me borrow Adrian’s summary of his own post: Now, here’s an insider tip: if your objective is living a nightmare, tearing yourself apart and swear never touching a keyboard … Continue reading

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Quote of the year (so far)

From David Thornley via StackOverflow: “Best practices” is the most impressive way to spell “mediocrity” I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t agree more. Oh, wait, I could. thud There it goes.

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Managers: Don’t bend it that far, you’ll break it!

Go on then, what’s wrong with the words we already have? I think they’re perfectly cromulent, it’s very hard to get into a situation where the existing English vocabulary is insufficient to articulate one’s thoughts. I expect that linguists and … Continue reading

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Social and political requirements gathering

I was originally going to talk about API: Design Matters and Cocoa, but, and I believe the title of this post may give this away, I’m not going to now. That’s made its way into OmniFocus though, so I’ll do … Continue reading

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Project: Autonomous Revolutionary Goldfish

I was going to write, am still going to write, about how silly project names get bandied about in the software industry. But in researching this post (sorry blogosphere, I’ve let you down) I found that the Software-generated Gannt chart … Continue reading

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Post #100!

And to celebrate, we look at the differences between managers and humansprogrammers.

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