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Lest I forget

PIN END ___ /   |ooo| —– bce

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Subconscious operation

I just noticed that I’ve been using Xcode’s codesense all day, despite the fact that I’m writing Python (albeit with PyObjC goodness).  I wasn’t aware that that would work, but then I wasn’t really aware that it was working, if … Continue reading

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OS r us

I reckon I might be some kind of operating-system collecting nerd.  Having played with various systems on the Intel Mac at work through Parallels (NeXTSTEP, OPENSTEP, Rhapsody, Debian GNU/Linux, Solaris 10, DesktopBSD) got me wondering why I don’t do the … Continue reading

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PVS file

Quite a few people seem to have issues with Parallels/OPENSTEP/Mach, so let’s at least remove Parallels configuration from the list of unknowns.  Try this PVS file, see if that helps.  BTW, anyone having problems, what host system are you using?

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Use of vm_stat(1)

[N.B. I’ll make heavy use of links to DarwinGrok in this post. However, I make no comment on the availability of darwingrok; it’s set up on a test server which is unsupported, to test how well said unsupported server handles … Continue reading

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free as in, well, free(1)

The linux tool free(1) just reports how much memory is free (and how much is in use).  Simple, really.  There’s no obvious equivalent for Darwin, though.  We’ve got top(1) which is overkill, and vm_stat(1) which is abstract to say the … Continue reading

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NetBSD running on G5

Hurrah! NetBSD on the G5 gives us a potentially useful option for G5 servers when Darwin/BSD is inevitably phased out for the PPC…it’d be interesting if COMPAT_DARWIN comes along to the point where NetBSD can actually run WindowServer too. I … Continue reading

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