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Monday, June 19, 2006

PVS file

Quite a few people seem to have issues with Parallels/OPENSTEP/Mach, so let’s at least remove Parallels configuration from the list of unknowns.  Try this PVS file, see if that helps.  BTW, anyone having problems, what host system are you using?

posted by Graham Lee at 10:20  


  1. I cannot get my openstep run in colour display mode. VBE aware boot freezes older ones allows only 640x480x2. It’s a pain.

    I have the latest Parallels it seems the major problem. I tried to download an earlier one but at Parallels there’s no way for that.

    Comment by Anonymous — 2006-06-26 @ 08:14

  2. segabor: hmmm…obviously the PVS file I’ve linked to above works for me, and I’ve had reports that it works for other people too. I assume you’re using that PVS file; what hardware are you on?

    Comment by Graham Lee — 2006-06-26 @ 13:43

  3. It’s all on my fresh new MacBook. VGA driver responds with error VGA BIOS mode change returned 024f. I’ve set several modes but no luck at all.

    Comment by Anonymous — 2006-06-26 @ 14:22

  4. Hmmm, that’s unfortunate, as I’ve just ordered a MacBook to run Parallels on…oh well it’ll arrive soon and I’ll be able to do some testing.

    Comment by Graham Lee — 2006-06-28 @ 00:35

  5. Thanks.

    Anyway it would be a good(?) idea to write a Parallels compatible SVGA driver that won’t use BIOS features. Once I have more spare time I’ll see what can I do :)

    Comment by Anonymous — 2006-06-28 @ 11:49

  6. Now verified that this works on the 20″ core duo iMac, too. Oh, and if you use Apple Remote Desktop then you get the magic mouse-in-and-out behaviour for free, presumably some interaction between VNC’s opinion of where the pointer is and Parallels’ :-)

    Comment by Graham Lee — 2006-07-05 @ 01:15

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