Too much confidence is good for you

So, Sun have a new CEO in the shape of President and erstwhile COO Jonathan Schwartz.  Schwartz joined Sun back when they acquired Lighthouse Design, a NeXTSTEP applications developer with an office suite for the platform.  Having slightly more bravado than sense, I sent this:

Hi Jonathan, I hope you do not mind receiving unsolicited personal mail.

Congratulations on your appointment as CEO of Sun.  Perhaps now would be a good time, in the spirit of openness and interoperability that Sun is famous for, and in extension of the success of the OpenSolaris project, to revisit that Lighthouse Design code in the basement with a view to releasing it under an acceptable open source licence?  Would you be able to also open up the source for Sun’s OpenStep implementation, as a reference for Cocoa and GNUstep developers to see how it’s done?  So doing would give Sun lots of ‘good faith’ points among Cocoa developers on the Mac platform, and further Sun’s position at the front of the 21st Century’s open source-centric software market.

By the way, Cocoa really is a great application development platform (as I’m sure you know with your OpenStep experience), and the combination of Apple’s UNIX workstations with Sun’s Solaris UNIX servers, both sporting a coherent and consistent Cocoa-based application stack and development environment would truly be a wonder to behold ;-).



I expect precisely nothing to occur…

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