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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


For a long time, I deliberately avoided microblogs like twitter. I thought that they were simply an acknowledgement that people want to be published more than they want to have something to say. However, it would be rude of me to completely disavow the medium without actually giving it a go.

To that end, I may indeed be iamleeg on twitter, as soon as twitter actually finishes processing the signup form.

I’d like to point out that one problem I’m going to have is brevity – I have spent 650 characters telling you what my username is. Constraining myself to SMS-sized wibblings will indeed be tricksy.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ich habe mein Handy verloren

Ooops. Left my mobile phone on holiday in Germany when I came back. This may explain why some people who were expecting to hear from me in Germany didn’t…anyway, could anyone who thinks I ought to know their phone number please either leave a private comment on this livejournal entry (all comments are private by default on that post), or e-mail me? Thankyou! I promise to buy a filofax which I won’t leave in foreign parts.

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