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The Silent Network

People say that the internet, or maybe specifically the web, holds the world’s information and makes it accessible. Maybe there was a time when that was true. But currently it’s not: probably not because the information is missing, but because … Continue reading

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Apple Silicon, Xeon Phi, and Amigas

The new M1 chip in the new Macs has 8-16GB of DRAM on the package, just like many mobile phones or single-board computers. But unlike many desktop, laptop or workstation computers (there are exceptions). In the first tranche of Macs … Continue reading

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Recovering from deleting your login shell on a Mac

In case you ever need it. If you’re searching for something like “deleted login shell Mac can’t open terminal”, this is the post for you. I just deleted my login shell (because it was installed with homebrew, and I removed … Continue reading

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Lambda: the ultimate polymath

Thinking back over the last couple of years, I’ve had to know quite a bit about a few different topics to be able to write good software. Those topics: Epidemiology Architecture Plant Sciences Histology Education Not much knowledge in each … Continue reading

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