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Continuous Integration for Amiga

Amiga-Smalltalk now has continuous integration, I don’t know if it’s the first Amiga program ever to have CI but definitely the first I know of. Let me tell you about it. I’ve long been using AROS, the AROS Research Operating … Continue reading

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Mature Optimization

This comment on why NetNewsWire is fast brings up one of the famous tropes of computer science: The line between [performance considerations pervading software design] and premature optimization isn’t clearly defined. If only someone had written a whole paper about … Continue reading

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Video podcast: Hisoft C for the ZX Spectrum

Episode 6 of the SICPers podcast is over on Youtube. I introduce a C compiler for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. For American readers, that’s the Timex Sinclair TS2068.

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SICPers podcast episode 5

It lives! Kinda. Amiga-Smalltalk now runs on Amiga. Along the way I review The K&R book as a tutorial for C programming, mentioning my previous comparison to the Brad Cox and Bjarne Stroustrup books. I also find out how little … Continue reading

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SICPers podcast episode 4

We’re back to Amiga-Smalltalk today, as the moment when it runs on a real Amiga inches closer. Listen here. Aminet has git, but only for MorphOS. MEmacs is the only text editor you need. HiSOFT, makers of HiSOFT C++ SAS … Continue reading

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