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Falsehoods programmers who write “falsehoods programmers believe” articles believe about programmers who read “falsehoods programmers believe” articles

For reasons that will become clear, I can’t structure this article as a “falsehoods programmers believe” article, much as that would add to the effect. There are plenty of such articles in the world, so turn to your favourite search … Continue reading

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Longer, fuller stacks

Thinks to self: OK, this “full-stack” project is going to be fairly complex. I need: a database. I don’t need it yet, I’ll defer that. a thing that runs on the server, listens for HTTP requests from a browser, builds … Continue reading

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The importance of the passive voice is described.

I am writing a blog post, in which I intend to convince you of my case. A coherent argument must be created, in which the benefits of my view are enumerated. Paragraphs are introduced to separate the different parts of … Continue reading

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On the features of a portfolio career

Since starting The Labrary late last year, I’ve been able to work with lots of different organisations and lots of different people. You too can hire The Labrary to make it easier and faster to create high-quality software that respects … Continue reading

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