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How to answer questions the smart way

You may have read how to ask questions the smart way by Eric S. Raymond. You may have even quoted it when faced with a question you thought was badly-formed. I want you to take a look at a section … Continue reading

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Story points: because I don’t know what I’m doing

The scenario [Int. developer’s office. Developer sits at a desk that faces the wall. Two of the monitors on Developer’s desk are on stands, if you look closely you see that the third is balanced on the box set of … Continue reading

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Updating my ObjC web app on git push

I look at SignUp.woa running on my Ubuntu server, and it looks like this. That title text doesn’t quite look right. $ open -a TextWrangler Main.wo/Main.html $ make $ make check $ git add -A $ git commit -m “Use … Continue reading

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Automated tests with the GNUstep test framework

Setup Of course, it’d be rude not to use a temperature converter as the sample project in a testing blog post. The only permitted alternative is a flawed bank account model. I’ll create a folder for my project, then inside … Continue reading

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