Core Data Haiku competition results!

I was sent a review copy of Core Data: Apple’s API for Persisting Data on Mac OS X by Marcus Zarra. The problem is that I already own a copy. So I held a Core Data Haiku competition on Twitter; best haiku about core data posted with the #coredatahaiku tag wins the book. Sorry if you wrote a great haiku without using the hashtag, but I didn’t read it.

Anyway, the results. My decision is final, no correspondence regarding the judgement shall be entered into, the squirrel flies south to Leningrad.

Non-entering sample haiku for comparison purposes

This is mine:

Archiving does not
Make schema changes easy
So #lickahoctor

very much of its time, you’ll agree.

Dishonourable mentions

A couple of people sent entries via Facebook, which didn’t count within the rules of the game. So without naming the guilty parties:

I don’t want the book

I just like writing haiku

Nothing wrong with that!

When learning Cocoa,

Reasonably new to it,

The more books the bett-

Honourable mentions

The standard was very high, so I’m pleased to publish every entry, congratulations to you all for some inspired poetry. In a way, there are no losers, because you all helped to make the world a better place. In reverse chronological order (because I’m pasting from the Twitter search page):

I do not know what

Core data is. Need the book.

Please let me win it. — OrigamiTech

Lost In Winter Ills

Result Sets Unsorted Again

Managed Object Found — chwalters

With multiple stores

Inside one application

Little kittens weep — inquisitiveCode

object tree…

query is made

leaves rustle — ErikAderstedt

Core Data Haiku


Text just doesn’t fit — hatfinch

its way too complex

painful big design upfront

I’ll Archive instead — alancfrancis

Core Data framework

You manage object models

NSPredicate — adurdin

Core data is fun

makes storage easy and fast

elastic wombat — GreyAreaUK

The Winner!

Core Data haiku winners and immortal beings played by Sean Connery share an important characteristic: in the end, there can be only one. And it’s this one, from adurdin:


WHERE value =… fuck it—

just use Core Data.

Congratulations! I’ll contact the winner via Twitter to send him his prize.

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