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Going indie!

This is sort of a message from the past. I wrote it yesterday, but had people I needed to talk to before I could hit the big old publish button. (Including this bit, so I really wrote it “today”, but … Continue reading

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Reverse-engineering stringed instruments

Despite being able to play some instruments, I probably couldn’t do a good job of making any of them. I don’t have the patience required to boil a horse for long enough to stick a fiddle together, for instance. Luthiers … Continue reading

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Beer improves perception of security

…at least, it provides for a nice analogy to use when discussing basic security concepts. I don’t think people necessarily choose better passwords after a skinful, nor do they usually make improved choices of what information to share on social … Continue reading

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WWDC wind-down

As everyone is getting on their respective planes and flying back to their respective homelands, it’s time to look back on what happened and what the conference means. The event itself was great fun, as ever. Meeting loads of new … Continue reading

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Unit testing Cocoa projects in Xcode

Unlike Bill, whose reference to unit testing in Xcode 3.0 is linked at the title, when I started writing unit tests for my Cocoa projects I had no experience of testing in any other environment (well, OK, I’d used OCUnit … Continue reading

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Follow-up-and-slightly-over on safety/security

The one thing which makes this a less-than-standard follow-up is that the original was not posted here, but over on paranym Graham Cluley’s blog. I originally wrote about the (fictitious) difference between safety and security. For those who didn’t clickety … Continue reading

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