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Most favouritest and least favourite Macs

The current meme seems to be, given the 25th anniversary of the launch of the Mac (and I’m not going to let it slip by that it’s the 20th anniversary of the NEXTSTEP 1.0 launch this year, either) to write … Continue reading

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Quote of the year (so far)

From David Thornley via StackOverflow: “Best practices” is the most impressive way to spell “mediocrity” I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t agree more. Oh, wait, I could. thud There it goes.

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Tautology of the year (so far)

From iDefense, via DarkReading: A recent wave of fatwas issued by radical Islamic religious leaders in that region authorizing these groups to use cyberattacks to defend Islam has opened the door for these groups to wage cyberattacks, according to iDefense. … Continue reading

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Quick antispam observation

One thing I’ve been doing recently is removing my membership of a load of websites that I don’t seem to have used in a long time. One side effect of not using a website in a long time is that … Continue reading

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What’s new in 2009

Of course, it’s a bit early for a retrospective of 2008, besides which I’ve already written 73 entries this year, my most prolific year to date on iamleeg. And that doesn’t count numerous tweets, stack overflow contributions and of course … Continue reading

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