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Walking a mile dans ses chausseurs

The word ‘translator’ has an interesting history. In the Anglo-Saxon language, ‘wealhstod’ meant “learned in Welsh” more or less, and described someone who could parlay with the important members of the local British tribes. As is often the case with … Continue reading

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Next CocoaHeads Swindon meeting

1st September (that’s this coming Monday), in the Glue Pot, Swindon. 8:00pm start. Chris Walters will talk about, well, something, and we’ll be drinking beer, listening and occasionally chipping in. See you there!

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So are Macs uber-pricey?

No, but Sony Vaios are.

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Back from holiday

I went on holiday to Stockholm this week. Of the ~1.5GB I downloaded from the camera, this was the photo I thought most apt to describe the experience on this blog:

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