CocoaHeads Swindon

Just got back from the first meeting of Swindon CocoaHeads, featuring a bunch of people who live nowhere near Swindon, some good beer and the occasional discussion of Cocoa. Special mention to Scott who came all the way from sunny Warsaw to be with us!

Tonight’s event was an informal, “what do we want from Swindon CocoaHeads?” event, but it looks like being successful enough that we’ll be doing it again. The format will be a presentation or directed conversation, followed by general chit-chat about all things Cocoa. In fact, um, I may have volunteered to give the first presentation at the next meeting. The subject is: well, that would be telling, wouldn’t it… ;-). You’ll have to find out by coming along to the Glue Pot in Swindon at 8pm on Monday, August 4th. Look out for further announcements and a mailing list over at Scotty’s place in the forthcoming month!

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  1. Swindon lot! Maybe you could get Werner Hogg to sponsor your meetings.

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