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Broke track mounting

For some reason, CDs occasionally don’t automount for me on my iMac. Luckily that’s easy to work around:kalevala:~ leeg$ diskutil list[…]/dev/disk3 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: CD_partition_scheme Audio CD *620.3 Mi disk3[…]kalevala:~ leeg$ diskutil mountDisk disk3Volume(s) mounted successfullyJob is, … Continue reading

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Nice things about ObjC

Title linkies to a post by an F-Script guy (the F-Script guy? I’m not sure, I don’t really follow F-Script development) about nice things he likes about the Objective-C language. Remembering that he wrote a Smalltalk scripting environment for Cocoa, … Continue reading

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My discs have been Americanised!

< p>For some reason, even though l10n and i18n have been fashionable terms in computing for the last few years, no-one seems able to localise properly into the lingua franca of computing, English. It may surprise some readers to learn … Continue reading

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