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Permissions whee!

As in any good mystery, the question is who done it? MacNN reports a flaw in Tiger, Leopard in which an authenticated copy operation gives the destination files (the copies) the ownership of the logged-in user, not of the name … Continue reading

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A frequently-heard rider on the statement that Mac OS X "is more secure than Windows" is that fewer people are prodding its weak spots, because it has fewer users. Well, Windows Vista has a market share comparative to Mac OS … Continue reading

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How to solve every problem in Cocoa

Yes, really, every problem. Don’t think of Cocoa as "simple things simple, complex things possible" (actually, was it Cocoapenextstepsody or Perl who started with that tagline? Or someone else? I digress) but "simple things simple, complex things simple but you’re … Continue reading

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Project: Autonomous Revolutionary Goldfish

I was going to write, am still going to write, about how silly project names get bandied about in the software industry. But in researching this post (sorry blogosphere, I’ve let you down) I found that the Software-generated Gannt chart … Continue reading

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