Upcoming Cocoa nerd stuff

I have organised a NSCoder Night for this coming Tuesday, November 27. It shall be in the Jericho Tavern pub at 8pm; bring yourself, bring an interest in Cocoa, and perhaps bring some code to talk about or work on. There won’t be any agenda as such, just a group of NSCoders talking about NSCoding.

In January, PaulHR and I shall be entertaining OxMUG on the subject of Getting Things Done´┐Ż™ – in particular I have now started braindumping my many to-do lists into OmniFocus and I’m finding it very expressive and useful. In fact preparing that talk has just zoomed its way over to my OF inbox :-). That talk shall be Tuesday, January 8th.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Where will the January 8th GTD thing be? I’ll be in London that night for the BETT educational show. Ian

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