The times, they mainly stay the same

bbum displays a graph of the market capitalization (he’s american, so the z sticks) of a few of the computer companies, noting that if after-hours trading isn’t too surprising, then tomorrow (for Americans, again) the market will open with Apple being the biggest computer manufacturer on the planet. However, these figures fail to show something reasonably interesting.

What have IBM (up 24% y-o-y), HP (up 30 %) or Dell (up 21%) done to enamour you to their brand lately? If you’re anything like me, then they’ve done nothing at all. Selling the same old Operating Systems on the same old hardware doesn’t count as innovative. Compare them with Sun (up 13% year-on-year) or Apple (115%) and you’ll see that there’s basically no accounting for taste on the stock market. While Apple have been selling the shiny gadgets, Sun have been delivering the most observable operating environment on the planet and Dell have been doing, well, shit-all would be a polite phrase, and yet Dell have outstripped Sun in growing their stock price. In fact, HP have managed to blow up their stock price out of all proportion, while fighting scandals and the complete haemmorhaging of their management staff.

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