Still trading as ClosedDarwin

It’s not surprising, but while Apple’s opensource page now includes a link to the iPhone software release (clicky the title), this only contains links to the WebCore and JavaScriptCore source, which is also available from the WebKit home on While it is possible that the iPhone is distributed solely with software Apple can distribute without source, I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t just a teensy dollop of GPL code in there somewhere…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Or alternatively which has the svn repositories for webkit, webcore, and javascriptcore

  2. Actually Graham, I would be surprised if there is any GPL code there.

    Apple have become utterly paranoid about GPL since GPLv3. Look at how much stuff has either stayed at a fork of the GPLv2 instance or has been abandoned altogether.

    They’re even unwilling to distribute pkgs of GPL code you have given them back to you as part of their CSS Enterprise Imaging product.

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