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Holding a problem in your head

The linkied article (via Daring Fireball) describes the way that many programmers work – by loading the problem into their head – and techniques designed to manage and support working in such a way. Paul Graham makes the comparison with … Continue reading

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Template change

I had to make some minor edits to the Blogger template used here anyway, so I decided to have a little monkey with the fonts. Here’s what you used to get: And here’s what you now get: I think that’s … Continue reading

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Random collection of amazing stuff

The most cool thing that I noticed today ever is that Google Maps now allows you to add custom waypoints by dragging-and-dropping the route line onto a given road. This is great! I’m going to a charity biker raffle thing … Continue reading

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It’s update o’clock

In other words, it’s "Graham remembers that someone needs to write the interwebs, too" time. The main reason I haven’t written in a while is that I’m enjoying the new job, so it’s satiating my hacking desires. No hacking projects … Continue reading

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