A bit late for that, isn’t it?

Just won the above-linkied item on eBay: the Amiga SDK :-) I’m probably slightly late to make any money out of Amiga development, but I’m glad I finally get to tinker. Might have to crack open the AROS if I get sufficiently involved…

I could probably write a three-page rant about how great the Amiga was and how badly Commodore stuffed up. But of course, none of it would be new ;-).

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2 Responses to A bit late for that, isn’t it?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dude. Let it go…

  2. Graham Lee says:

    It’s a good job the licensing arrangements for OS 4 all went titsup, otherwise I could see myself spending far too much money on an AmigaONE (which is, after all, a G3 CHRP-ish box)

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