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TGD – expanding the field

Some primarily stochastic thought processes which occurred when I tried to apply Richard Dawkin’s hypotheses to the Æsir. If your default browsing font doesn’t contain a glyph for the ligature, well, tough ;-) I suppose one of the first things … Continue reading

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That syncing feeling

So, ITunes tells me my iPod is up-to-date, and that it won’t copy a few songs to my iPod because the iPod software needs updating first. The word which springs to mind is "erk".

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Scary stuff

Possibly the scariest diagram anyone will ever have to look at. It’s even less penetrable than that Eric Levenez history of unix thing.

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As I wrote the @interface to an object today, I found myself wanting for but one thing: – (NSArray <MyProtocol> *) foo; Where – as if you hadn’t guessed it – the pointy bracket bit (the lengths to which I … Continue reading

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Eating one’s own dog food

I feel foolish for having made this error (especially after having so patiently explained how this stuff works on Mach), but today I did it. I reported the amount of free memory on a Linux system as being the amount … Continue reading

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