Strange things can happen when I get bored.  There’s a great little dashboard widget called WikityWidget, which lets you organise notes like a wiki.  Well, I thought, no point in only having my notes on one computer, why not scrape the wikits out of WW and put them online?

You may be interested in some source code.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Graham,

    nice idea though I’m not a big fan of Dashboard (I find it too clunky and resourse hungry) and usually have it disabled.

    I prefer to use TiddlyWiki which is a self-contained Javascript, Css, Html based wiki that runs without the need for any serverside logic. Hence you can carry it around on a USB stick and just plug it into a browser wherever you are.

    It’s really neat, and a great way to carry around your notes in wiki format.

    Martin Stanhope (OxMUG)

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