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For reasons which will be made clear in an upcoming post (probably next week, I’m off to the ‘sunny’ Vaterland soon) I’m in the process of consolidating all of my website activities (except for bloggage) onto Þæs Ofereode. This also lets me do funky things like svn and mysql hosting which I’ll sort out over time. I have an email address there but currently am seeing inexplicable bounceage so I won’t publicise that yet. The comp.lang.objective-c alt.FAQ‘s new home is also there, because the bandwidth at SDF is too small. When Apple publicised ObjC 2 on their Leopard preview page, my SDF site fell of the intarwebs with people looking to see if I’d written about it. Announcements about the ObjC FAQ move will be made on the newsgroup in due course.

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