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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This so goes on my CV

Today’s sysadmin skills involved rescuing some ALGOL code from an 8″ floppy, accessed from CP/M on an RM380Z:

Amazingly although the disk hadn’t been accessed in over a decade (though was stored in a Cool Dry Place^{TM}), everything worked first time.  The little jobby with a keyboard and built-in screen on the left is a Cambridge Z88, being used as an emergency VT52 terminal in this case.

posted by Graham Lee at 20:07  


  1. So, that will go under the heading if ‘Information System Archaeologist’ ? :)

    Comment by Anonymous — 2006-05-17 @ 15:11

  2. I think that the productisable synergistic paradigm is “modernising legacy architecture” ;-)

    Comment by Graham Lee — 2006-05-17 @ 17:48

  3. That’s not a Z88. It’s a new MacBook. Keyboard gives it away. ;-)

    Comment by Anonymous — 2006-05-25 @ 18:29

  4. I had a similar thought meself

    Comment by Graham Lee — 2006-05-26 @ 08:38

  5. Wow, I’d forgotten about to RM380Z, iirc it had a bigger brother a 480Z, I think this is what we has at school along with a couple of CBM PET’s. Ahh, I remember those days, I miss my BBC Model B, I regret ever having sold it.

    Comment by Anonymous — 2006-06-08 @ 22:29

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