We’re in! The WindowServer has no graphics glitches that I can see, and it’s time to configure the devices.

Graphics: default VGA. Play it safe :-). We may be able to do something more fancy, but I’d rather check with Parallels before b0rking my install.

Network: ah. The emulated card is a Realtek 8029(AS), and OpenStep doesn’t claim to have support for that. Apparently it’s compatible with the NE-2000, but OpenStep doesn’t have a driver for that either :-(. I need to ask someone with more Intel-version-of-NeXT noodle than I about that…

Sound: we ignored this for the moment.

SCSI: Nope.

So now we’re at the ‘installing additional packages’ stage, I won’t post a screenshot until we’re into the OS.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There is a VESA 2,0 display driver included in OpenStep 4.2 patch 3 (which has been superseded by patch 4), available from Apple’s software download site.

    There is also a NE2000 ethernet driver available with a README, as binary and as source.

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