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{ Monthly Archives } July 2013

Programming Literate Manifesto

Late last year, I decided to set up a second blog, focusing on exploring the world of academic literature relevant to our work as people who make software. The tone and content was very different to what I usually write here. I’ve now decided that while it’s interesting to explore this material, it was a […]

How I got root on my University’s UNIX network

Back when I was a student, the way you talked to other people on the internet was via Usenet. The language we used, while still called “English”, was slightly different from the language we use today. One small example of this difference is that there was still an outside chance that the word “hacker” could […]


Solaris 10, scheduled to be supported until January, 2021, can still run BSD binaries built for Solaris 1 (a retroactive name for SunOS 4.1), released in 1991. I wonder for how long the apps we wrote for our iPhones back in 2008 – the ones we had to pay $99 even to run on our […]

AJAX via jQuery in an Objective-C WebObjects app

As with using jQuery for DHTML, this was surprisingly easy. To make it simple to follow along I’ve published the source code to SignUp, a sample app. SignUp’s default page is comprised of two WebObjects components: Main is the top-level page (including the jQuery script) and SignUpForm implements the form. As described in the previous […]

What’s the mobile app market up to, then?

While this post is obviously motivated by Recent Events™, it’s completely not got anything to do with employers past, present or future. Dave has posted what next for Agant which explains how that company’s path through the market has gone: Over the past few years, the App Store has become more and more competitive, and […]

What Graham did next

There’s been quite a lot of reaction to this notice on Agant’s website, that Dave is taking the company back to a one-person shop. Indeed that means that I and all of my colleagues (except Dave) are now redundant. Sad is not the right word. I’m disappointed that this isn’t going to continue, but it’s […]

At the old/new interface: jQuery in WebObjects

It turns out to be really easy to incorporate jQuery into an Objective-C WebObjects app (targeting GNUstep Web). In fact, it doesn’t really touch the Objective-C source at all. I defined a WOJavascript object that loads jQuery itself from the application’s web server resources folder, so it can be reused across multiple components: jquery_script:WOJavaScript {scriptFile=”jquery-2.0.2.js”} […]