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Indie app milestones part one

In the precious and scarce spare time I have around my regular contracting endeavours, I’ve been working on my first indie app. It reached an important stage in development today; the first time where I could show somebody who doesn’t … Continue reading

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On XP mode

This is a reply to @gcluley, who linked to this ZDNet story (which in turn took its quotes from Sophos Podcasts). The second most crazy thing about the entire “XP mode” issue in Windows 7 is that the feature is … Continue reading

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The next million-dollar iPhone application

I’m constantly surprised by questions such as this one. They invariably go along the lines: I heard that I need to get a Mac to do iPhone development. I want to do iPhone development but do I have to buy … Continue reading

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A rap upon the noggin

When a patient may be concussed, it’s common for parademics to ask simple, topical questions to determine whether the patient is confused. Questions such as “who is the Prime Minister”? I think somebody may have knocked this poor spammer upside … Continue reading

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