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Yeah, we’ve got one of those

Title linkey (which I discovered via slashdot) goes to an interview in DDJ with Paul Jansen, the creator of the TIOBE Programmer Community Index, which ranks programming languages according to their web presence (i.e. the size of the community interested … Continue reading

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Tracking the invisible, moving, unpredictable target

An idea which has been creeping up on me from the side over the last couple of weeks hit me square in the face today. No matter what standards we Cocoa types use to create our user interfaces, the official … Continue reading

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Come back, purple button, all is forgiven!

As a great philosopher once wrote: don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone? Previews of Mac OS X had a user interface feature, known by all who saw it as the … Continue reading

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How exciting

Today I was pleasantly surprised by Interface Builder. Not shiny, new, where the hell have they put that buttonstreamlined IB3, but boring old IB2 which even Slowlaris users could work out how to use. I dragged a header defining a … Continue reading

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