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e[Mac]s keyboard

It’s about time someone made a UNIX keyboard for the Mac. I still love my Tactile Pro, and have obviously configured the caps lock key as an additional Control, but that key doesn’t feel like the same buckling spring as … Continue reading

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Blasty from the pasty

Yesterday I had a little problem with the iBook, which was saved by some age-old knowledge from before the OS X release. Almost. When I use an external USB mouse, I disable the internal trackpad. Now I wanted to take … Continue reading

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One reason multiple inheritance sucks

So I’m reviewing a book, and it happens to cover the way method lookups are performed in a particular language’s object model. I’m not going to say what the book is because it’s not relevant, and nothing discussed here has … Continue reading

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if ([self isKindOfClass:[whore class]]) [self promote];

Bottom of the page, under Media Reviews. I’ve got another couple of review copies sat here, too…

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