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We’re off to see the Wozzard….

So, they said that Steve Wozniak would be there, and that he’d be signing books. So I took my book to be signed. That wasn’t wrong, was it? N.B.: yes, I bought a copy of iWoz and had that signed … Continue reading

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I feel sorry for…

The people credited with bringing GNUstep support to OCUnit a few versions back (at least one of whom I recognise as a competent programmer who really knows what they’re doing), as the current version just won’t work at all ;-).  … Continue reading

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Best.  App.  Evar!

In the spirit of My Dream App, I’ve invented my own dream app. would be able to divine what needs to be done by detecting my brainwaves, and would then do it when I hit the button.  To make … Continue reading

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A spot of ultravaiolence, my droogs?

I’m currently having a Vaio VGN-S4M inflicted upon me.  I can’t say I dislike it totally; the X-black screen is rather nice and it has one killer feature in that there’s a (physical) radio kill switch on the front.  However, … Continue reading

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Init dead; no casualties

An interesting time if you happen to be an aging startup superserver; Ubuntu are to replace init with Upstart from "Edgy Eft". That’s quite cool, the model in which everything needs to always come up and always in the same … Continue reading

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