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When security procedures go bad

My password with my bank may as well be “I can’t remember, can we go through the security questions please?” That’s my answer so many times when they ask, and every time it gets me in via a slightly tedious additional verification step. Losing customers probably represents a greater financial risk to them than fraud […]

“You could simply do X” costs more

Someone always says it. “Could you just add this?” or “I don’t think it would be too hard to…” or if somebody else “changes these two simple things”, someone might create a completely bug-compatible, scale-compatible implementation of this other, undocumented service…wait, what? Many of us are naturally optimistic people. We believe that the problems that […]

How to version a Mach-O library

Yes, it’s the next instalment of “cross-platform programming for people who don’t use Macs very much”. You want to give your dynamic library a version number, probably of the format major.minor.patchlevel. Regardless of marketing concerns, this helps with dependency management if you choose a version convention such that binary-compatible revisions of the libraries can be […]

Anyone Can Write A Manifesto And You Can Too!™

Over a small number of years, I have helped to write some software. During this time I have come to value: Solving problems over rejecting what has passed before Solving problems over congratulating ourselves Solving problems over creating problems Solving problems over clever rhetorical tricks That is, while the things on the right are sometimes […]

Detecting overflows, undefined behaviour and other nasties

You will remember that a previous post discussed what happens when you add one to an integer, and that the answer isn’t always obvious. Indeed, the answer isn’t always defined. As it happens, there are plenty of weird cases that crop up when working with C and languages like it. You can’t expect a boolean […]

An open letter to Xcode

The post below has been filed verbatim as an Apple Developer Tools bug report with ID 13051064. Dear Xcode, imagine that you had a combine harvester. Only, this combine harvester, instead of having a hopper into which the winnowed wheat is poured, has a big quern stone. It grinds the wheat into a flour, which […]

How big is an integer?

In the beginning, when all was without form and void, Kernighan and Ritchie created char. And they said, “let it be of a size chosen by the compiler, guaranteed to be large enough to hold one character from the execution character set.” And so it was, and they decreed that whatever the size of this […]

How to excel at IDE design

When people have the “which IDE is best” argument, what they’re actually discussing is “which slightly souped-up monospace text editor with a build button do you like using”. Eclipse, Xcode, IntelliJ, Visual Studio…all of these tools riff on the same design—letting you see the source code and change the source code. As secondary effects you […]

Supporting both ARC and MRC build settings

Let’s face it, people don’t read `README`s. If you write library code that people are going to use in their own projects, you can’t rely on that bit at the bottom of the documentation that tells people to do -fobjc-arc on your files that they drop into your project. You can rely on all the […]

Automate all the server Objective-C!

I decided it was time to stop writing WebObjects/GNUstepWeb code, and write some code that would make it easier to write WO/GSW code. With that in mind I replaced my previous component generator with a more robust generator. I also wrote and published some git hooks for working on these projects. The pre-commit hook just […]