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The Liskov Citation Principle

In her keynote speech at QCon London 2013 on The Power of Abstraction, Barbara Liskov referred to several papers contemporary with her work on abstract data types. I’ve collected these references and found links to free copies of the articles where available.

Dijkstra 1968 Go To statement considered harmful

Wirth 1971 Program development by stepwise refinement

Parnas 1971 Information distribution aspects of design methodology

Liskov 1972 A design methodology for reliable software systems

Schuman and Jorrand 1970 Definition mechanisms in extensible programming languages
Not apparently available online for free

Balzer 1967 Dataless Programming

Dahl and Hoare 1972 Hierarchical program structures
Not apparently available online for free

Morris 1973 Protection in programming languages

Liskov and Zilles 1974 Programming with abstract data types

Liskov 1987 Data abstraction and hierarchy

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